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  R1200RT AeroScreen

The AeroScreen is taller, closer to the driver, and 3” wider at the top than the stock screen.  Flares at the top and sides expand the envelope of protection for solo or 2-up riding.

Designed to allow the driver to see over the screen while providing optimum protection for both driver and passenger.

Fits 2005 to 2013 R1200RT's.



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  R1200RT AirFlow Management Kit

The Airflow Management Kit stops airflow from rushing under the screen and hitting the driver’s body as the screen is raised. The third deflector reattaches airflow from the dash area to the back of the screen.


Fits '05-'09 R1200RT's.


Available in Smoke only.  Shown in grey for photography purposes.


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R1200RT HeadLight Cover '05-'13

Protect your expensive headlight assembly with an AeroFlow HeadLight Cover (HLC). Molded to fit the contours of your headlight and manufactured with the same high quality plastic used in our windscreens, the clear HLC virtually disappears when mounted.

Don't get left in the dark - get your HLC today!

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Additional Products


AirFlow Mgt. Kit

HeadLight Cover

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